I'm curious about the world and am never happier than when I am travelling and exploring – in the mind if not on the ground.  I can't help expressing to others what I've observed and that's where writing comes in.


All my life I have written poetry and fiction, plays and non-fiction – that is to say, I have explored many genres and styles of writing.  My skill as a writer, like the world around me, is a work in progress.


I have worked as a book editor, film script reader and in the business world.  This means I have written everything from screenplays and book reviews to marketing reports.


While young, I trained to perform in the theatre and then, seeking adventure and the place in the world with the fewest cars and the most fairytales, discovered Ireland, whose universities had amassed the most traditional tales of any European country.  So I went there to study its literature and folklore and promptly fell in love with it.


Years later, many of them split between the US and the British Isles, I became a teacher in England and then a freelance editor.  By chance this led to the fulfilment of one of my dreams:  I was asked to write a guidebook about Ireland. This offered me the opportunity to visit every county of that photogenic country, hence these photos of mine on this website.


Nowadays I still enjoy a good story.  The classics, fantasy and children's fiction tend to draw my attention most.  History increasingly fascinates me, especially social history and the nobler aims of humanity.


I'm interested in all the ways that stories can be told and have tried my hand at writing theatre and screen plays.  Poetic visual forms often rise in my imaginings and I love using poetry to set a scene.  In my writing, you might notice how significant mythology, music and ecology are to me.



Amy Corzine







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