New Year News

Well after a year and a half of ignoring my website, I'm finally sending out another blog! Time passes so quickly.

My new year's resolution is to just do it. Time moves on even if one tries to stay stubbornly in one spot. People are dying all the time and we all are just passing through, so enjoy whatever is happening. Whether you perceive it as good or bad, it won't last. Be fearless and follow your whims as well as your heart. Life can be fun if you put your energy into it.

The news about me is that you'll find an article I wrote about my adaptation of JANE EYRE into graphic novel form in the English and Media Centre's new 'EMC Full Text Study Edition' of JANE EYRE – on page 111. (See:

Soon after finishing that piece, I was commissioned to write another graphic novel. This time I had to create the personalities of characters and fill out the details of scenes only hinted at by the short story from which I've adapted the graphic novel. News about the publication date will be posted here eventually, after the artist creates the numerous panels of illustrations required in a comic book. I suggested the imagery, as I did to illustrator John Burns for JANE EYRE.

In other news, I am looking for a publisher and/or agent for a Young Adult/Adult Crossover fantasy I've written entitled THE DANCE OF MAKING. A winged unicorn that has forgotten her name goes on a quest with a leprechaun to find the mate that an evil witch stole from her. Using fantastic creatures from folklore and talking animals, sometimes not so subtly representing ethnicities in Europe and North America, the story leads one into a merry dance alongside the unicorn who goes on a quest to find the solution to alienation, loss and isolation, with the aid of Irish charm and an American Indian or two. The story's a meditation on good and evil, seeking what you love, the formation of community, and overcoming those who harm others and our environment. With advice on how to survive in poisonous places, it suggests how to overcome the illusions and fears cast upon us by others and our own minds. Finally it shows what love can do, especially when those who love work together.

If you know anyone who might be interested in publishing such a story, please do send me their contact information.

Other info about my doings and such I'll keep for future blogs.

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